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Steam CalculatorSteam Calculator

Excel add-in to calculate steam properties from a wide range of available input parameters: enthalpy, entropy, phase, pressure, quality, temperature subcool, temperature superheat.

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UM ConverterUM Converter

Is an engineering tool built as an MS Excel add-in or desktop application running in system tray, that makes conversions between hundreds of units in tens of categories.

UM Converter

UM Converter Excel add-in that makes conversions between hundreds of units.
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WinUM Converter

WinUM Converter Built as an desktop application running in system tray.
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Support center

Support Before asking for support, please make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of our products. Please include in your support request the following details:

  • Exactly what did you do?
  • Can you reproduce the problem again?
  • If possible send us screenshot of the error message.

If you want to report an issue or suggest a new feature please contact us.

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  • User Manual for Steam Calculator > download
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